Mathematics Department Information

Key Stage 4

At KS4, students are taught in sets of between approximately 15 students for the lowest sets and 30 students for the top sets, providing those who need the most support with a better teacher to pupil ratio, with 7 lessons per fortnight. Students are set at the end of Year 9 and there is rarely movement between sets, and then only in exceptional circumstances. We teach topics across 2-3 weeks followed by a Topic Review written by the exam board AQA. Mock exams take place early in Year 11. The Progress Ladder is an Excel document which provides the students with a detailed breakdown of the topics and allows them to track their understanding and test results with additional resource locations provided for further study.

The links below can be used to access the Progress Ladders and Learning Resources for Years 10 and 11, as well as for GCSE Statistics and the Level 2 Further Mathematics course.

Year 10
Year 11
GCSE Statistics
Level 2 Further Mathematics