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Year 9

On this page you will find the Year 9 Progress Ladder and additional learning resources.

Year 9 Progress Ladder
Progress Ladder User Guide
Year 9 Mid Year Topic List

Year 9 Learning Resources

A9.1 Algebra

A9.2 Graphs

A9.3 Sequences and Sets

A9.4 Simultaneous Equations

A9.5 Linear Inequalities

N9.1 Powers

N9.2 Fractions and Percentages

N9.3 Estimation and Measures

S9.1 Right Angled Triangles

S9.2 Area and Volume

P9.1 Probability

R9.1 Ratio and Proportion

Order of the Course
The image below is intended to give you a rough idea of the order of the course. They are most definitely, particularly with exam dates, subject to change!

Dr Frost
Dr Frost is another excellent revision website with access to auto-generating exam questions, topic tests, past papers and videos. Below is a video to explain the most useful features.