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Students' FAQs

I got the same score as my friend, they got a green and I got a red?
The Green, Orange and Red is an indication of YOUR performance on a particular assessment relative to YOUR most recent assessments. Your friend made or exceeded their expected progress, but compared to your recent assessments this score was low for YOU.

I got the same score in two assessments, one was green and the other was orange?
Each topic presents different challenges and complexities and students largely find some assessments easier to access than others. We have a lot of data for these assessments and know that the average score from one topic to another varies. Your score is relative to this average. So to get the same colour; if you obtained a colour from a particular score on an assessment that most students found challenging, you would need a higher score on a different topic that most students found straightforward.

I've lost my login/password, what should I do?
If you've lost or forgotten your login/password then you need to see your teacher to find it out or have it reset. You should try to memorise your login details or write them down in your books or store them in your phone.

I missed a lesson, what should I do?
You should copy up the missed notes from a classmate and try to complete any of the exercises which you are able to access. If you do not fully understand the notes or would like some extra practice then you will need to find your teacher, preferably before your next lesson so that you do not fall behind. You will also need to check if there was any homework set and complete it by the original deadline, although if this is not possible then you should talk to your teacher as soon as possible to discuss a reasonable extension.

I'm not able to complete my homework because I'm stuck/I can't access Kerboodle/I've lost the worksheet etc.
You need to speak to your teacher as soon as possible; they will be able to help you or provide alternative ways of completing online homeworks or replace lost sheets. Do not wait until the due date to attempt to fix the issue.

I'm finding a topic a bit difficult, where can I get support?
Remember that asking for help in lessons is really important, as your teacher will be able to help you there and then. Year 7, 8, and 9 students will find that your profile book contains detailed breakdowns of the topics as well as referencing the relevant Kerboodle textbooks. You may also find some of the "Other Useful Websites" can help you with extra practice and alternative explanations.

I struggle with problem solving questions/showing my steps, what can I do to improve?
The Mathematics department has compiled a list of tips that highlight some of the steps you should take when faced with a problem. This can be found here.