Mathematics Department Information

Year 13

Exam Changes for 2022
The exam boards have announced changes for the exams in Summer 2022, which include some advance information about the topics that will appear in these exams.
The topic list for A-Level Maths is here:
A-Level Maths Topic List

Specification: OCR H240
On this page you will find all the information you may need as a Year 13 student.

ALevelMathsRevision is a very useful site which divides past exam papers down in to different topics from the course. It will be one of the most useful tools to secure a top grade. This document helps by linking the topics that we study to how they're named on the website. Do make the most of it (it only covers Year 12 topics for now but will be updated.)

Integral provides notes and basic exercises for all of the topics across the course. It is beneficial to read the notes just before you encounter a topic in class.

Dr Frost
Dr Frost is another excellent revision website with access to auto-generating exam questions, topic tests, past papers and videos. Below is a video to explain the most useful features.

Order of the Course
The images below are intended to give you a rough idea of the order of the course. They are most definitely, particularly with exam dates, subject to change!