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Level 2 Further Mathematics

Exam Changes for 2022
The exam boards have announced changes for the exams in Summer 2022, which include some advance information about the topics that will appear in these exams, and additional formula sheets.
The topic list for Level 2 Further Maths is here:
Level 2 Further Maths Topic List

The additional formula sheet is shown below.
Level 2 Further Maths Additional Formula Sheet

Specification: AQA 8365
Level 2 Further Mathematics is an optional course which typically starts after the Mock Examinations in Year 11.

What is Level 2 Further Mathematics?
The Level 2 Further Mathematics course is a supplementary course to the GCSE Mathematics course that allows students to earn an additional qualification, equivalent to a GCSE. The course gives another avenue for able Mathematicians to demonstrate their ability and develops core skills which will ease the transition to A-level Mathematics.

What topics are covered in Level 2 Further Mathematics?
The syllabus broadly covers higher-level algebra content of GCSE Mathematics and in addition: matrices, calculus, factor theorem and trigonometric identities (none of which are covered in the GCSE Mathematics curriculum).

Who is eligible to study the course?
All students in Set 1 are automatically entered for the course on an opt out basis.
Students from any other set may enrol in the course on an opt in basis for self-study. However, the difficulty and self-study nature of the course necessitates a high level of discipline to achieve a good grade and level of understanding.

What is the structure of the course?
For students in Set 1, content from the course is taught in Mathematics lessons. For all other students, there are lunchtime sessions, once a week, which allow all students enrolled in the course to be taught the content of the course via examples, with some time devoted for practice.

Where can I find resources for the course?
The notes for the course are available on the Open Drive. The recommended textbook is the "AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics" book (ISBN: 978-1-55104-4693-9), which has detailed notes, examples, and practise questions for the course.